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ParentUnit:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Unit:Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry,National Information Station of Rubber Industry


Rubber Science and Technology(formerly named Rubber Technology and Market),a famous technology magazine (monthly)in china,was founded in 2003(CN 10-11... More》

Current Issue

Progress Review

  • GUO Qiaojing, ZHU Jia
  • Research Status of Anti-reversion Agent at Home and Abroad
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0421-0424[Abstract](15)[HTML(1286368)][PDF](12)

Theory Research

  • LIN Wenwen,ZHONG Liang,LIU Feng,WANG Bin,WANG Shuang and GUO Zhen
  • Effect of Different Fillers on Stress Softening Effect of SBR Vulcanizates
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0428-0432[Abstract](12)[HTML(4971959)][PDF](5)


  • DAI Meiping,WANG Xiaolong,LU Fuhai,LIU Quanlai,JIANG Xiaofeng,HUA Runjia and XU Qijun
  • Study on Properties of Bio-based Polyamide 56 Cord
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0433-0435[Abstract](25)[HTML(1383406)][PDF](8)
  • LIU Zhen,WANG Xiaoju and YU Xiaobo
  • Experimental Study on Substitution of Accelerator DPG for Silica Tread Compound
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0436-0440[Abstract](17)[HTML(1142459)][PDF](10)
  • xuyashuang
  • Preliminary Study on Mechanism of Insoluble Sulfur Stabilizer
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0441-0443[Abstract](12)[HTML(118724)][PDF](8)
  • qiulibin,suchao and guzhengke
  • Application Performance of Domestic Cobalt Neodecanoate
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0444-0447[Abstract](27)[HTML(5722352)][PDF](8)

Production Technology

  • 0,0,0 and 0
  • Influence of Injection Molding Process on Quality of Rubber Products
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0448-0451[Abstract](32)[HTML(925211)][PDF](15)
  • ZHENG Tao,LI Minjun,YANG Shuo,WANG Zonghuan,WU Hongyang and ZHAO Jiang
  • Design on 205/55R16 FRC26 High Performance Tire
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0452-0455[Abstract](26)[HTML(1237870)][PDF](14)


  • xiyan,liujingjing,zhangkaikai,wanglongqing,zhangyanmei and chujingjing
  • Interpretation of New European Regulations on Studded Tire
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0456-0459[Abstract](15)[HTML(1017522)][PDF](11)
  • Sun Achao, WANG Bo, SUN Yanni, LI Xiangting
  • Study on Single Test Piece Method of Low Temperature Brittleness of Vulcanizate
  • 2021 Vol. 19(9): 0460-0462[Abstract](23)[HTML(988879)][PDF](4)